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Send us your resume. We will review your resume within 1-2 days for a skills match for one of our current openings or possibly a future role.  If your skills are a good match, we will call you for a Pre-screening Interview. Our Recruiter will ask you about your work experiences, expertise, education, salary expectations and most importantly, your career goals. We will discuss the client’s requirements and culture. If you agree, we will submit your resume to the hiring client.  If the client wants a face to face interview we will send/call you with all of the meeting details (who, where and what) and get your availability and confirm with both you and client. We will contact you as soon as we have status from the client. Recruit Secure will assist you with hiring details, salary negotiations, start dates, etc. We aim to be a long-term trusted resource for you.

Let us help SECURE your next career goal!

The Recruit Secure Difference for Candidates

Our goal is to have a long partnership with our candidates. The key to this partnership is Communications. We try to always keep you informed, your resume will never fall into a “black hole”. Our relationship with you is as important as our relationship with our clients.